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ACD Online Training: Completing the Biennial Waste Generators' Report

Completing the Biennial Waste Generators' Report
  • Thursday, January 25, 2024 | 2:00 - 4:00 pm (ET)

The deadline for Waste Generators to submit biennial reports to the EPA is March 1 – are you prepared? Both EPA and the state agencies review and use these reports, for various reasons, including enforcement activities. Ensuring that the information provided to the Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facility (TSDF), then documenting that information along with how your waste was managed on the appropriate reporting forms is critical to ensuring that you are accurately tracking your waste (and associated liability) from cradle to grave.

Course Description:
This training will review the process of completing the biennial Waste Generators’ Report. It will include a review of the information required, the forms to be used, and obtaining information from the manifests, so that a company can properly complete its report for submission to the agencies. Hands-on activities, demonstrations, and an open forum for questions and feedback will make this an exceptionally valuable program for all chemical distributors, manufacturers, and Third-Party Logistics facilities that generate hazardous waste in their operations.

Course Instructor: Peter F. Downing, CHMM, President, Environment and Safety Solutions, Inc.
ACD is partnering with Strategic Partner, Environment & Safety Solutions, Inc. to offer this training.

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