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Webinar: 2024 Chemical Inventory Management: From Blind Spots to Best Practices

Webinar: 2024 Chemical Inventory Management: From Blind Spots to Best Practices

Attendees will come away with key insights to help those involved with chemical distribution navigate the continually evolving challenges of chemical inventory management. The goal is to find the ideal balance between sales (and service levels), working capital, and profitability.

This webinar is designed to help attendees navigate challenges that are unique to the chemical industry (and hard to navigate in traditional ERPs and software packages:

  1. Factoring product expirations into best-practice chemical inventory management.
  2. Optimizing inventory of multi-sourced chemicals that don’t get tracked at a supplier level.
  3. Managing inventory related to blends, requiring inventory tracking at multiple layers.

Senthil Gunasekaran, Pradip Krishnadevarajan, and Brent Johnstone of ACTvantage will also address inventory challenges most distributors face today, regardless of industry:

  1. When is an inventory problem a pricing opportunity (looking at raising/lowering prices as part of the solution)?
  2. When (and how) to handle challenges with inventory you’re bringing on and carrying for specific customers (dedicated inventory)?
  3. When and how to properly address inventory problems due to poor supplier performance (either to get leverage in negotiations or to seek help with disposition)?

In addition to learning key tips and tricks, attendees will also hear from Valley Solvents, an ACD member, who deployed best practices in solving a variety of these inventory challenges.