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Trucking In the Chemical Distribution Industry


Trucking is a crucial piece of the chemical supply chain and ACD members rely heavily on this mode to deliver products to their customers. Having capable, well-trained truck drivers on the road and empowering truckers and businesses to have control over their fleets is necessary to ensure the smooth movement of goods. ACD supports policies that improve the viability and appeal of truck driving as a career and allow businesses to engage in the trucking industry without burdensome regulations. Moreover, ACD recognizes the importance of ensuring that hazardous substances are transported safely, as demonstrated through ACD’s Responsible Distribution® program. ACD supports policies that improve trucking safety without engaging in regulatory overreach.

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Motor Carrier and Driver Issues


While trucking is a critical piece of the American supply chain, the industry has faced a shortage in drivers. ACD supports actions that would address the truck driver shortage and its aging workforce without sacrificing necessary safety requirements. These include incentivizing younger drivers to enter the profession by removing age-based restrictions for those who have completed the necessary training, implementing flexibilities in hours-of-service requirements to ensure drivers can maximize their impact while on the road, and ensuring that drivers retain the right to operate as private contractors.

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Hazardous Materials


The transportation of hazardous materials is critical to meeting the health, safety, and economic needs of the nation. ACD members prioritize the safe transportation of hazardous materials through Responsible Distribution and compliance with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration’s (PHMSA) Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR). The HMR are practical and efficient safety regulations that include specific labeling, testing, and training requirements and are enforced and administered nationwide. ACD supports the HMR and appreciates PHMSA’s outreach to industry in making sure these rules are clearly understood.

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