Chemical Producer Affiliates

Chemical Producer Affiliates are chemical producer/manufacturer companies that do not qualify for ACD membership and are not equipment/service providers. Companies must have greater than 65% of their annual sales attributed to the manufacturing of chemicals and must have an active Risk Management Program in place.



Key Benefits

  • Responsible Distribution & Your Supply Chain: By supporting ACD and working with a "Responsible Distributor," you help ensure your products are handled safely throughout the supply-chain.
  • Expand Your Network: Nearly 80% of our members surveyed said they met a potential new supplier, customer, or vendor at one of our events. ACD's networking events, tradeshows, and workshops bring together key segments of the chemical industry. ACD’s Annual Meeting is widely recognized as the premier networking event for suppliers and their distributor partners and attracts over 600 senior-level participants each year. To access a list of our members, click here.
  • Save Time and Costs Associated with Risk Management Verifications: ACD's Responsible Distribution Verification Program enables Suppliers Affiliates to request a verification on any ACD member or request a report regarding their EHS&S performance under ACD's Responsible DistributionTM. Verifications are conducted by a third party and may help your company comply with ACC's Responsible Care® and other product stewardship programs.


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