November 2023

NACD is now proud to be
Alliance for Chemical Distribution

Meet the Alliance

Industry outsiders don’t understand that it takes deep expertise, a steadfast commitment to safety, and an overarching mindset of responsibility to get essential chemical products where they need to be. ACD, the Alliance for Chemical Distribution, celebrates the critical nature of this work, providing the resources members need to thrive.

Our Industry

ACD is honored to serve the dedicated people who make sure high-quality chemical products get where they need to be.

Our Vision

To promote excellence among the experts the world depends on to safely and reliably process, formulate, repackage, warehouse, transport, and market the high-quality chemical products essential to our daily lives.

Our Mission

To support and champion members of the chemical distribution industry through education, connections, standards, and advocacy.

We need to champion the people in our industry and the work we all do so well. This new name is about conveying our expertise to regulators and legislators who make decisions that impact our industry, the suppliers we work with, the customers we serve, and the potential members we hope to recruit.
— Megan Bohan,
    Vice Chair of the Board ACD

For more than
fifty years,

The National Association of Chemical Distributors has supported the majority of companies that consider themselves chemical distributors. Our modest, but mighty, organization has developed education and networking opportunities that nurture unparalleled thought leadership and peer-to-peer problem-solving in the industry. We have built the industry’s most comprehensive environmental, health, safety, security, and sustainability standard. And, we have used those principles along with our daily advocacy outreach to drive effective policy on the industry’s behalf.

And now, we are using the momentum to future-proof the organization as the industry and supply chain continue to evolve.

Very few

companies today consider themselves
chemical distributors alone

82% of companies

define themselves with
additional business functions

On average

Companies choose more than 3 business
functions to describe their business

After five years of executive leadership and board discussions, two years of industry research, and countless member interviews, our association is proud to reveal its rebranding to the Alliance for Chemical Distribution.

It’s time to use all of the education and programming we’ve developed, along with the relationships we’ve built as an organization, to help our members see and feel their importance in the expansive chemical supply chain.
— Eric Byer, President & CEO of ACD

The rebrand and work with the consultants this past year is just the start of a journey to grow the membership and move forward as a bigger, stronger organization.
— Edward Boss, Chair of the Board ACD

As the Alliance for Chemical Distribution (ACD), our organization will now support a broader base of companies in the chemical distribution supply chain.

Paint & Coatings

General Manufacturing

Soaps & Detergents


Water Treatment

Petroleum & Lubricants


Adhesives & Sealants

Oil & Natural Gas




ACD was officially launched during the Alliance's Annual Meeting Opening Session on November 7, 2023.

All references to the Alliance name and logo uses should be updated as of November 7, 2024.

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