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Promote Your Active Participation in the Alliance for Chemical Distribution

Help your customers and supply chain recognize your business as a part of the Alliance for Chemical Distribution. Highlight the performance of your company as a proud ACD member: a safe, reliable, responsible.

This assets toolkit provides all of the logo and graphic files you need along with copy samples to promote your participation in ACD and Responsible Distribution.

To keep your business up-to-date within the industry, we recommend all members and Affiliates begin switching to ACD logos and graphics starting November 7, 2023. While it may take longer to update graphics on printed materials and transportation, all old NACD and Responsible Distribution references should be completely updated and no longer in use by November 7, 2024.

Use of the following logos, graphics, and copy is only authorized for official ACD members and Affiliates.

Official ACD Logos


Only authorized for current ACD members and Affiliates


Only authorized for Verified Responsible Distribution companies

For more information on how best to use the ACD and Responsible Distribution logos, view our member brand guidelines.

Social Media

Download the social media graphic below, and include it as a post announcing our transition to ACD.

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Download Social Media Graphic

Social Media Sample Copy

NACD is now officially ACD, the Alliance for Chemical Distribution, and [INSERT COMPANY NAME] is proud to be a part of the change!




Congratulations to the Alliance for Chemical Distribution (Formerly NACD) on its new name! [INSERT COMPANY NAME] is proud to be a part of an organization that champions the chemical distribution experts the world depends on! #proudtobeapartofACD

"About ACD" Sample Copy

Use the wording below on your website and in your promotional and communication materials to help your supply chain understand the significance of your participation in ACD.

Alliance for Chemical Distribution
Empowered Performance. Unrivaled Expertise.

[Insert company name] is a proud member of the Alliance for Chemical Distribution, the organization representing companies that formulate, blend, repackage, warehouse, transport, and market high-quality chemicals and chemical products to 750,000 end users in nearly every industry sector. Through ACD, members stay up to date with the information, resources, and connections they need to safely, reliably, responsibly, and sustainably move the chemical products our world depends on.

"About Responsible Distribution" Sample Copy

Only authorized for Verified Responsible Distribution companies.

Use the wording below on your website and in your promotional and communication materials to help your supply chain understand the significance of your participation in ACD.

About ACD Responsible Distribution™

Leaders in the chemical industry have a shared responsibility to ensure wellbeing, safety, and security of our employees and the communities in which we live and work; ensure consistent, high-quality products; and innovate to grow sustainability — all while staying at the forefront of complex regulations and requirements. As a verified [member/Affiliate] of the Alliance for Chemical Distribution, [Insert company name] demonstrates our commitment to best-in-class standards in every phase of chemical storage, handling, transportation, and disposal through implementation of ACD’s Responsible Distribution.

Under this program we ensure:

  • Lower occurrences of safety and environmental incidents;
  • More safe, socially responsible, and environmentally friendly business practices;
  • Increased consistency and quality of products;
  • Transparent communication with local communities and stakeholders; and
  • Continuous improvement in sustainability and innovation based on recognized best practices with strict adherence to regulatory requirements

Customizable ACD Responsible Distribution™ Fact Sheet

Easily create a fact sheet on ACD Responsible Distribution™ including your own company information and statistics!

Share it with your producers, clients, representatives, and other industry stakeholders to share your company's competitive advantage in the marketplace. Complete the fields below, input your company name and logo, and write an 80-word description of your services. Once you hit submit, your customized fact sheet automatically populates. Distribute this informational piece during in-person meetings, via email, product shipments, statement stuffers, on social media, and on your website!

GIF, JPG, OR PNG files with an RGB color profile under 2MB. Click "Choose File" again to replace your file.


About ACD Responsible Distribution™ Sales Slide

Use your commitment to ACD Responsible Distribution™ as a sales tool!

Add this slide to your next sales meeting to ensure your customers that they can partner in confidence by working with an ACD Responsible Distribution™ verified company.


Download as Adobe PDF


Download as PowerPoint Slide

Member/Affiliate Checklist for Updating to ACD

Need a reminder on where to update your ACD and Responsible Distribution logos? The following checklist provides a quick summary of key spots to review for updates:
  • Business Cards
  • Website
  • PPE
  • Trucks
  • Email Signatures
  • Update links to ACD-chem.com from NACD.com
  • Letterhead
  • Uniforms
  • PPT templates

Ask your IT department to mark @
ACD-chem.com as a 'safe sender' in your
companies email database

This is not a comprehensive list. Contact the ACD team if you are interested in replacing your outdated Responsible Distribution flag. Contact communications@acd-chem.com.