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About Responsible Distribution

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Established in 1991, ACD Responsible DistributionTM is a trusted and comprehensive set of environmental, health, safety, security, and sustainability standards within the chemical industry. We provide a comprehensive framework that demands continuous improvement in every phase of chemical storage, handling, transportation, and disposal.

Our dedicated members proudly participate in Responsible Distribution, demonstrating their expertise, stewardship, and professionalism to achieve the highest quality, safety, sustainability, and performance. ACD's Responsible DistributionTM program codifies the standards that ensure chemicals are moved safely and responsibly when and where they are needed.


Key Benefits of ACD Responsible DistributionTM 

  • Lower occurrences of safety and environmental incidents;
  • More safe, socially responsible, and environmentally friendly business practices;
  • Increased consistency and quality of products;
  • Transparent communication with local communities and stakeholders; and
  • Continuous improvement in sustainability and innovation based on recognized best practices with strict adherence to regulatory requirements.

Join our program and ensure that chemicals are moved safely and responsibly to where they are needed. 

As an ACD member participating in Responsible Distribution, this company and its senior management are committed to continuous improvement in the chemical distribution industry's responsible management and handling of chemicals. We pledge to operate our business according to these Guiding Principles and to review them in compliance with Responsible Distribution on at least an annual basis.

Please click here to view and digitally sign the ACD Responsible Distribution's Guiding Principles for your organization.

Please click here to print the ACD Responsible Distribution's Guiding Principles and keep for your organization's records.