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Regulatory Assistance

ACD's Regulatory Affairs team serves as compliance experts for the vast amount of regulations coming from Washington D.C., for movers of essential chemical ingredients. ACD keeps members informed on pressing government affairs issues that impact the chemical distribution industry on a local, national, and international level. ACD recommends utilizing additional expertise of outside consultants when member's regulatory issues fall out of the ACD purview.

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With a unique blend of legal, government affairs, and scientific expertise, Bergeson & Campbell, P.C. (B&C®) focuses on chemical products, product approvals and regulation, and associated business issues. B&C’s advocacy, compliance, and strategic services cover the full range of regulatory requirements and policies governing chemical products including the Toxic Substances Control Act, the Federal Insecticide, Rodenticide and Fungicide Act, Food and Drug Administration regulations, the EU REACH program, and state regulations such as California Prop 65. 

They offer comprehensive global solutions for:

With Bergeson & Campbell, P.C., members can receive:

  • Free consultation, up to 30 minutes quarterly;
  • Discounted consulting rates, negotiated by the Association;
  • Access to training sessions and webinars scheduled throughout the year; and
  • Updates on compliance and regulatory changes.

To see a complete list of issues they can help you with and how to reach them please visit

Primary Contact: Lynn L. Bergeson
Phone: (202) 557-3801

Achieve and Maintain Regulatory Compliance with Datacor Regulatory Services

Datacor’s team of regulatory experts is on a mission to assist you and your organization in achieving compliance worldwide by providing comprehensive, scalable, chemical reporting and labeling solutions. Update all current regulatory documentation to meet and maintain compliance, even in today’s highly dynamic regulatory landscape.

With over 20 years of experience in the global regulatory landscape, our team has in-depth knowledge of regulatory lists such as California Proposition 65, New Jersey Right to Know list, EU REACH, UK REACH, K-REACH, TSCA, SVHC, Annex VI.

We are pleased to offer ACD members:

  • One complimentary compliance audit of an English-language Safety Data Sheet (SDS) of your choosing [limited to one per member organization]
  • A 15-minute follow-up consultation by phone or web conference to discuss our findings and answer questions, free of charge
  • A reduced rate for all hourly or fixed-price regulatory services [discount will vary by service(s) provided; please inquire for details]

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About the Complimentary SDS Audit and Consultation

Our SDS compliance audits are thorough and comprehensive: we will check every section against all SDS requirements prescribed by regulatory authorities in your jurisdiction. You will receive a full report identifying all instances of noncompliant (or otherwise problematic) content in the document, section by section, along with our recommendation to correct the issue. Your report will be prepared by a member of our team (never by Generative AI) using simple, concise language. Below is a partial listing of items we look for:

  • Document format and layout
  • Section headings and subheadings
  • The hazard classifications of your product [*optional – requires a full list of CAS-level components and their concentrations]
  • Pictograms and GHS signal word
  • Hazard & precautionary statements (we check for redundant, conflicting and inaccurate phrases
  • Proper disclosure of hazardous substances in accordance with all local, regional & national Right-to-Know regulations
  • Any gaps of missing content that must be added
  • Miscellaneous content that is obsolete or contradicts other information elsewhere in the document


Environment & Safety Solutions provides unique facility-specific solutions to regulatory concerns, helping member companies achieve compliance in a manner that dovetails with existing facility operations. We find that our approach helps our clients to address compliance issues quickly and efficiently, with as little upset in production as possible.

Environment & Safety Solutions was established in 2003 with a single goal in mind - to provide its clients with solutions that work best for their businesses. The consultants and specialists composing the highly qualified team have worked together for many years and are dedicated to quality far beyond the average firm. With extensive knowledge and experience, they possess the means to solve any regulatory or safety problem you may have without compromising the way your business operates.

With Environment & Safety Solutions, ACD members can receive:

  • Free consultation, up to 30 minutes quarterly
  • Access to training sessions and webinars scheduled throughout the year
  • Updates on compliance and regulatory changes

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