ACD Chemical Producers Affiliation

We help chemical producers distribute products more efficiently and safely.


ACD puts chemical producers in touch with industry-leading distributors and handlers at the local, regional, and national level. Our members and Affiliates deliver your products safely every six seconds. Through ACD Responsible DistributionTM, we help ensure chemical producers like you can sell your products securely and profitably. We offer the educational opportunities and industry stewardship that help ensure your products arrive on schedule wherever they are needed.


Six Seconds for Safety: ACD members deliver products safely every six seconds


ACD places its highest priority on the health, safety, and security of employees, communities, and the environment through its Responsible Distribution program.

Chemical Producers find that the Responsible Distribution program offers a verifiable and transparent distribution model, saving time and money and often eliminating the need for producers to conduct their own audits.


Drive business decisions based on the latest economic data

ACD members and Affiliates receive monthly reports to look back on the latest economic trends surfacing in the industry and quarterly reports that provide forward-looking economic analyses and research to keep members fully prepared for upcoming industry fluctuations.


Facilitate your team’s professional growth

ACD offers executive-level education for up-and-coming managers, as well as entry-level training in an assortment of applicable arenas. Your team will have unparalleled access to industry mentors, structured academics, online tutorials, and guidance on the industry’s best business practices.

ACD U offers immediate online instructions for regulatory compliance topics as well as daily operations.


Make business connections

Meet, maintain, and cultivate relationships with key channel partners at any of ACD’s events and meetings, including our operational conference, ChemEdge; our C-level Annual Meeting; our government advocacy event, Washington Fly-In; and regional events around the country.


ChemEdge, one of ACD’s premier events, provides an operational roadmap to train and enhance your team and meet business connections. 

Every week, ACD releases data, tips, trends, and insights on best business practices based on industry successes.


Support your industry

ACD represents a powerful, unified voice that protects our industry’s interests at the local, regional, and national levels. 

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Jenni Jenkins
Director, Membership
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