Distributor Members

ACD's primary members are chemical distributors that take title to goods and resell said goods as a significant part of their business (attribute >50% of annual revenue to the distribution of chemicals). Distributor applicants should share the functional interests of ACD members and must accept and commit to compliance with ACD's Responsible DistributionTM, its Guiding Principles, and its periodic requirements as a condition of continued membership in ACD.



Candidacy Period for New Distributors
New applicants are considered a "Candidate" member until verified in full compliance with ACD's Responsible DistributioTM. The Candidate firm must submit proof of passing third-party verification within two years following the date the Candidate's application is approved for membership by ACD's Board of Directors to be considered a regular voting member. Failure to pass is cause for termination from the association.

Key Benefits:

  • ACD Members are Leaders in the Industry: ACD members represent 93% of U.S. chemical distribution sales. Gain recognition as an industry leader and interact with other leaders by participating in ACD programs and displaying the "Proud Member" and Responsible Distribution (upon completion and passing of on-site verification) logo on your website and in your marketing materials.

"Responsible Distribution helps a given company look at its operating philosophies and procedures and find better ways to implement them. Ultimately, Responsible Distribution can be the framework to better understand the key core skills of your business. That may translate into cost-efficiency, which now, more than ever, is critical in today's economic climate."

— Doug Brown, President, Brown Chemical Co., Inc.


  • Access to Customers: Nearly 80% of members surveyed said they met a potential new supplier or customer at one of our events. Membership in ACD gives you access to over 400 existing or potential customers. We represent more than 420 companies involved in the supply-chain chemicals industry — and we're growing every year!

"ACD provides for companies who are smaller, an entire infrastructure of people who can support you in the industry, whether that's colleagues in the sense of other members, suppliers or the ACD staff themselves. So for us, it's become an essential part of the business that we would never not be a part of it."

—Megan Bohan, Esq., CEO, TRInternational, Inc.

  • Regulatory Compliance Assistance: Investment in legislative and regulatory advocacy by ACD has increased over 300% in the last three years. ACD keeps its members up-to-date on regulatory and compliance issues through NewsBrief, a weekly email on what’s going on in DC and around the country on issues affecting the industry. In this increasingly tough regulatory environment, it is imperative for your company to have direct access to the knowledge and information you need to be compliant. ACD also has a Regulatory Providers Program, a directory designed specifically for members to easily identify the ACD Affiliate that offers the regulatory expertise they need. For an alphabetical listing of our Preferred Providers, please click here.

"As a president of a public warehouse, I wear many hats. I am thankful that ACD wears the legislative hat for me."

— Katie Porter, President, Jensen-Souders

  • Networking & Education: Six out of 10 attendees at ACD events are C-Level. ACD gives its members many opportunities to meet each other throughout the year during our annual meeting, ChemEdge conference and trade show, regional meetings, workshops, and webinars.

"I participate in ACD events because I know I'll talk to my peers, people who are experiencing the same challenges each day. Whether it's from a conversation in the hallway or from a formal presentation, I'm always learning something that can benefit my company and help us succeed."

— Roger T. Harris, Chairman and CEO, Producers Chemical Company

  • Strategic Partners: ACD has established strategic partnerships in a number of operational areas as a way to bring cost-savings benefits to ACD members and Affiliates. Areas include insurance, human resources, compliance support, and more.
  • Increased Visibility within the Marketplace: ACD offers unique ways for getting your message out to new customers. Send us your news and new product announcements and we'll publish that information in our quarterly Chemicals in Motion magazine.

Membership Requirements:

  • Payment of annual dues, candidacy fees, and costs associated with Responsible Distribution compliance and verification.
  • Completion of the annual Membership & Safety Questionnaire.
  • Compliance with Responsible Distribution deadlines and requirements.
  • Completion of Responsible Distribution Verification in every three-year cycle.


Contact Jenni Jenkins:

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