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Chemline: Inside the Chemical Distribution Industry


Chemicals touch our lives every day, in every way. From wherever you are reading this, you can’t reach out in front of you to touch something that hasn’t been brought to you by chemical production. The paint on our cars, the medications we take, even the municipal water we drink have all been impacted by chemicals. Chemical distributors and their affiliates work hard to keep these chemicals moving; to ensure business can flow seamlessly for the thousands of downstream industries which rely on them; and to provide the millions of products and services for the people who use them.

Alliance for Chemical Distribution (ACD) is proud to present Chemline: Inside the Chemical Distribution Industry. This podcast series will take you through the obstacles faced by those who keep the chemical distribution industry churning. Each episode we’ll hear first-hand from experts on different topics that are affecting the industry.

Chemline is available for free on AppleGoogleiHeart RadioPandora, and Spotify.