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San Antonio, TX
November 16, 2017
Matthew McKinney
(703) 527-6223 x3074

Senior Leaders at Chem/Serv, Inc. Win the 2017 Distributor of the Year Award


The National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) today named both Joseph Fischman and Andrea Nagle of Chem/Serv, Inc., as the 2017 Distributor of the Year. Recipients of this award demonstrate outstanding commitment to the chemical distribution community and work steadfastly on behalf of NACD and the entire industry.

Fischman has served on two NACD standing committees and on the NACD Board of Directors. He also hosted site visits with Congressional representatives as well as members of his local government and participated in business roundtables with elected officials. 

“Joe has played a critical role in advancing NACD’s advocacy efforts over the years,” said Eric R. Byer, president of NACD. “He’s led these efforts with clear vision, passion, and dedication by devoting an incredible amount of time and effort to his company and the industry as a whole, and we’re proud to present him with this award.”

Nagle has also served on the association’s Board of Directors for two years and on a standing committee for nine years. She’s been a thoughtful proponent for the role of the small distributor in NACD as well as helped to mitigate the challenges for a small distributor to fully participate in the association.  

Said Byer, “Over the years, Andi has contributed greatly to the growth of our association programs targeted at recruiting and retaining member companies. She has provided a voice for those whose resources are limited but who fervently believe in the values and ethics of NACD. She’s accomplished this all while tirelessly leading our membership advancement and retention committee.”

Chem/Serv Inc. is a regional distributor of chemical raw material and additives sourcing products globally. In business since 1952, Chem/Serv, Inc. holds safety and product stewardship to the highest standards, and operates with customer-driven technology, technical proficiency and a skilled workforce with an average of over 25 years of industry experience. To learn more, visit



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