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ACD Press Release

Arlington, VA
March 22, 2024

Susannah Williams

ACD Strongly Opposes EPA’s CWA ‘Worst Case’ Spill Final Rulemaking

Series of Final Rulemaking Places Significant Burdens on Businesses of All Sizes


Arlington, VA –Today, Alliance for Chemical Distribution (ACD), formerly the National Association of Chemical Distributors, President and CEO Eric R. Byer released the following statement on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Clean Water Act (CWA) Hazardous Substance Worst Case Discharge Planning Regulations final rule:

“While ACD supports the mission of upholding the highest standards of safety and taking all precautions necessary to avoid accidents, this final rulemaking is needlessly broad in scope and deeply flawed. At best, the CWA final rulemaking is duplicative to many of the requirements already finalized in the Risk Management Program (RMP) rule. At worst, the EPA’s final rule places an extreme cost burden on U.S. facilities, while creating minimal, if any, additional safety or environmental benefits.

“This rulemaking, compounded with additional onerous regulations coming from the Biden Administration, place businesses of all sizes at a significant disadvantage at a time when they are navigating high inflation rates and labor costs in a sluggish economy. The EPA’s justification for this heavy-handed oversight does not demonstrate the need, as facilities are already required to comply with existing regulations that meet the same objective. Industry groups, including ACD, are reviewing legal courses of action to oppose this rule.”

ACD’s submitted comments to the EPA on this matter in 2022. Read more.


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