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ACD Press Release

Arlington, VA
April 2, 2024

Susannah Williams

OSHA Final Rulemaking on Worker Walkaround Inspections Undermines Critical Security Measures


Arlington, VA –Today, Alliance for Chemical Distribution (ACD), formerly the National Association of Chemical Distributors, President and CEO Eric R. Byer released the following statement expressing disappointment at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) final rulemaking on the Worker Walkaround Representative Designation Process:

“ACD recognizes the need for appropriate OSHA inspections, however this final rulemaking undermines the safety and security of our nation’s chemical facilities by significantly changing who is permitted to serve as an employee representative during an OSHA inspection. Instead of enhancing the security of inspections, this rulemaking gives unauthorized individuals sweeping access to facilities’ sensitive innerworkings and chemical processes if they are deemed necessary by an OSHA inspector. This is of grave concern to ACD members and chemical facilities operators who go to great lengths to ensure their chemical products and processes are protected.

“Furthermore, OSHA has repeatedly failed to justify the reasoning behind these changes or how they improve safety measures. This rulemaking broadens the scope of representative eligibility to a wide range of individuals, introducing potential distractions and undermining the current effectiveness of OSHA inspections.

“The administration’s continued efforts to impose heavy-handed red tape on businesses will soon have lasting effects as countless industries try to find ways to address these burdensome requirements. ACD unequivocally opposes this rulemaking as it will cause more harm than good for facilities and their surrounding communities.”

ACD submitted comments to OSHA ahead of this final rulemaking on November 13, 2023.



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