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Sales Culture: Pitching Your Business for Success

If you’ve had a chance to look at the agenda for NACD’s upcoming Western Region Meeting, you might be wondering why – at a meeting where attendance is dominated by distribution industry executives specifically NOT in sales – we’ll be devoting a significant chunk of our time together discussing — yes, you guessed it — SALES!

In an increasingly competitive and global business environment, it’s critical that organizations differentiate themselves and their offerings. But how exactly do you go about doing that? The answer is simple: Think differently about what you contribute to your company. Everyone has the potential to help an organization grow.

As a result of the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, distributors – small and large – have managed a significant shift in their ability to network with others and secure business during times of record-high inflation and supply chain disruptions. These challenges have undoubtedly forced NACD members to redefine the ways in which they have connected with new and existing clients to continually demonstrate their business’ value add.

At NACD’s upcoming Western Region Meeting, well-known author and speaker Todd Cohen will introduce us to an approach and methodology that demonstrates how leveraging everyone in your companies, from CEOs to forklift drivers and from code coordinators to actual sales representatives, can help build a robust and dynamic sales culture. This, in turn, improves client acquisition, expansion, and retention in the long run.

What is a Sales Culture?

Everyone is in sales, whether they believe it or not. It’s not about doing traditional sales training, like cold calling, but rather building a sales culture across all positions at a company and recognizing individual contributions. It’s the people at your organizations that make a difference and have a direct result in client retention.

“It’s important that each employee – regardless of title or tenure – understands they have a profound impact on a customer’s decision to say ‘yes,’” says Cohen. “Everyone is exercising the fundamentals of sales far more often than they think, and mastering this sales mindset and removing silos across the business are critical to success.”

This practice runs true across industries, including chemical distribution. Companies that perform better with their clients have broken down internal silos to create a more inclusive work environment. This gives employees of all levels the recognition of the role they played in securing the success of a business.

More often than not, distributors across the industry have networked with and relied on their colleagues to help them navigate challenging situations. This was especially true during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s through this network that companies are introduced to prospective clients and partners that help businesses flourish even further. But these partnerships are only as fruitful as a business’ willingness to engage with and solidify these relationships.

“The old school has become the new school,” said Cohen. “Making human connections with clients has proved successful time after time. It’s as simple as giving a client an agenda-free call to check in. Those interactions keep your business at the top of clients’ minds and create a deep-rooted and trusted relationship.”

The staff at an organization are key to achieving results, increasing retention, and growing the company’s profit. Harnessing their passions and ability to connect with others has the potential to change everything. This has proven central to differentiating products and services.

“The way your people show up for your customers and clients leaves an important impact and offers a deeper connection,” said Cohen. “This differentiates your product and gives your business the upper-hand against competitors.”

Sales culture is no longer a linear relationship between a client and salesperson, but rather it’s a whole-of-business approach. Ensuring everyone at a company understands their role in driving the success of a business will remain vital to its sustainability and ability to differentiate in an ever-evolving global economy.

Are you interested in learning more? Make sure to register for NACD’s 2023 Western Region Meeting, which will take place April 19-April 22, 2023, where Cohen will offer insightful perspectives on the fundamentals of sales culture and how you and your business can master the sales mindset in 2023.

Cohen just released his third book titled “Mastering the Sales Mindset,” which is part of his book series on sales culture. In addition to this newest release, Cohen’s first book, “Everyone’s in Sales,” and his second book, “Stop Apologizing and Start Selling,” are available for purchase here. To find more information on Cohen, please visit

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