ACD is supported by a number of committees that provide thought leadership on issues and programs that are integral to ACD members and the chemical distribution industry. These volunteer-based committees identify, develop, and ensure the implementation of high-quality programs and resources that promote the growth and betterment of member companies and the industry as a whole.

Interested in volunteering for a committee? Please contact the ACD staff representative of your committee of interest.


Standing Committees

Mission: To identify, develop, and ensure the implementation of high quality education programs for employees of all levels in ACD member companies and Affiliates, plus key stakeholders. The Emerging Leaders Program is under the purview of this committee.

Staff Contact: Tracey Pierce

Mission: To provide an educational program for operational-level employees. Responsibilities include developing the program content (keynote speaker selection, identifying educational session topics and speakers), recruiting new exhibitors, inviting new attendees, and increasing the participation of the non-attending members.

Staff Contact: Tracey Pierce


Mission: To bring ACD’s vision and mission to life at the local level by providing participants with opportunities to network, learn, collaborate, and develop leadership skills within the ACD community.

Staff Contact: Tracey Pierce


Mission: To identify, develop, and implement specific training for the safe operations of ACD member companies, the chemical industry, and its employees.

Staff Contact: Lucinda Schofer



Mission:To ensure funds held in the operation of ACD are invested in compliance with the board-approved Investment Policy and Guidelines and to achieve maximum returns within those guidelines.

Staff Contact: Lisa Vienna


Mission: To educate the ACD membership on the necessity of consistent and ongoing advocacy efforts, to promote informed legislation for the betterment of the chemical distribution industry and society, and to take proactive positions to elect candidates who support our legislative positions.

Staff Contact: Eric R. Byer, Jennifer Gibson and Doug Leigh


  • Chemical Product Safety
  • Facility/Process Safety/Environmental
  • Security
  • Trade
  • Transportation


Mission: To work with the board to identify and develop volunteers across all committee and subcommittee roles and to nominate volunteers to the board on an annual basis. This committee will seek members who wish to contribute to the organizational success of the Association and ensure they have the training, skills and competencies to serve in leadership positions.

Staff Contact: Lucinda Schofer and Lisa Vienna


Mission: To promote growth and retention of ACD distributor member and Affiliate companies.

Staff Contact: Jenni Jenkins

Mission: The Producer Affiliate Relations Committee's mission is to enhance relationships and collaborate on common issues between distributors and affiliates, to communicate the professionalism of the chemical distribution industry throughout the supply chain, and to evaluate continually the value/benefits of the Affiliate program. This committee will also serve as a networking group and will provide feedback or input to the Responsible Distribution Committee on issues that need to be addressed as appropriate.

Staff Contact: Jenni Jenkins


Mission: To lead implementation of all aspects of ACD’s Responsible Distribution® program through effective program management, which includes training, guidance, implementation, marketing, reporting, and continuous improvement of Responsible Distribution.

Staff Contact: Caroline Brooks


Mission: To develop and enhance relationships between chemical warehouses and chemical distributors, including the promotion of the ACD Responsible Distribution® program. The committee will promote informed regulations for the betterment of the chemical warehouse industry and prepare members to be compliant by developing and delivering resources on regulatory requirements.

Staff Contact: Jennifer Gibson