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ACD strives to provide resources and support for businesses, small and large, in the chemical distribution industry. ACD has collaborated with strategic partners and developed resources designed to aid our members in every aspect of the business.

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ACD Business Services

Customer Survey Response Templates

Standardize your responses to customer inquiries

Is your company faced with onerous inquiries from business partners and prospects for similar information? ACD developed two customer survey response templates that you can customize to respond to those requests! Our hope is 1) to cut down on the workload that our members have fielding and completing these requests, and 2) further build on the identity and brand of ACD and our Responsible Distribution program. Ideally, we would like interested parties to recognize a standard response from the chemical industry. Let us know your thoughts about these to mlang@nacd.com.


Industry Performance Reporting

Benchmark your company's productivity against industry metrics to improve business practices

The mission of ACD is to support and champion members of the chemical distribution industry through education, connection, standards and advocacy. In doing this, it is important that ACD be seen as the premier authority on industry information related to chemical distribution in the United States. When reporters, Congressional staff and everyday citizens need information on chemical distribution, ACD should be the go-to source – not partisan advocacy groups, private undocumented data services, or federal agencies that might be ill-informed.

For this reason, ACD is undertaking a new initiative to upgrade and enhance our internal data management and collection systems. We hired John Dunham and Associates (JDA) as our partner in this effort. JDA conducted our 2015 Economic Impact Analysis, works with dozens of industry trade associations and understands the importance of ensuring that data are kept both accurate and confidential.

Under this initiative, we will be completing a number of new projects including:

  • The creation of a comprehensive data warehouse incorporating internal industry data, our Economic Impact Analysis, company survey data, and various government sources;
  • The development of an extensive geo-database of facility information;
  • A 2017 update of our Economic Impact Analysis; and,
  • A regulatory model allowing us to provide the press, members of Congress and regulatory agencies with data on the impact of proposed rules, taxes and other policies on our industry.

To this end, we are streamlining our survey process. In early 2017, we ended our relationship with Industry Insights in favor of consolidating multiple surveys and data collection into one comprehensive survey, with the goal being to lessen the burden of data collection on our members and to expand this effort to non-member firms over time.

Please see this FAQ document for more information about how this new initiative will work. Note: The safety portion of the survey will still be mandatory for all distributor members per ACD bylaws. We anticipate delivering robust data back to ACD member organizations and better representing their interests in the future.

To learn more about this initiative, please contact Aileen Smith at asmith@acd-chem.com.

Chemical Distribution's Economic Impact  

View and download economic data by state, county, and district



Take advantage of rental car discounts when on business travel

Rental Car Discounts

Hertz provides ACD members a choice of some of the most popular offers, while also taking advantage of your year-round member discounts. At one of the hundreds of Hertz Local Edition locations, just call and they will come get you.

With a Member Savings Card, you receive year-round membership discounts and your choice of one of the following offers each time you rent. Offers are subject to blackout and availability.

  • One car class upgrade in the U.S. or Canada
  • $10 off a weekly rental
  • Free Child Seat on a weekly rental

Mention the CDP#1108181 when making your reservation to receive the ACD discounts. Visit www.hertz.com, call your travel agent, or call Hertz at 1-800-654-2210.



Chemical Educational Foundation

The ACD Educational Foundation was founded in 1989 to establish a chemical product stewardship network to disseminate an important message to the ACD distributor members' 750,000 customers and their communities. The ACD Educational Foundation became the Chemical Educational Foundation® (CEF) in October 1997.

Today, CEF is focused on building the future STEM workforce through FREE science programs that engage students to explore sustainability questions and community solutions. Science and chemistry industries have invested in CEF’s You Be The Chemist programs; uniquely connecting business and education in local communities to prepare students for high school, skilled trades, college, and as future STEM-related employees.


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